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what we do?

Ease the process for all to make easier, ethical, environmentally conscious decisions daily. 

We can influence industry leaders through, not only our better informed, collective consumer purchasing power, but also with opportunities to sign & support important petitions related to both governmental & private sector business policies.

Looking to invest? travel? We offer eco-friendly information on a variety of topics.

Adaptions & Accessibility

Widespread adaptation and accessibility can occur if we invest more conscientiously. 


It takes a multifaceted approach to bring together a wide range of people and industries reaching an overall goal of improving communication, coordination, and cooperation when it comes to needed change.

Awareness & Action

For lasting change to occur, so too do people’s values/beliefs. 


We’ll strive to inform on important matters in a way that’s easy for people to digest AND take action.


“Awareness is the greatest agent for change” Eckhart Tolle.




alternatives & Accountability

The purchases we make will inevitably support certain practices  that have an impact on our environment as well as people’s livelihoods & wellbeing. 



Let us curate you a simple  selection of eco-friendly alternatives that we’ve personally researched in order to save you time and money. 




Shop our low and zero-waste eco-friendly alternatives as well as get useful information on how to reduce your household environmental impact. The B Corp directory is a tremendous resource as well. Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. Access the full list for your area here.

Research~ Reimagine~ Refill~


From use of water and energy to food production and waste management, every aspect of our daily human lives have an impact on the environment. Meanwhile corporations are allowed to pollute in catastrophic ways and government recycling infrastructure is outdated and underfunded. Great strides are needed in minimizing our negative impacts. In some cases, technological innovation can help but often the best answers will mimic the closed-loop systems of nature itself.  


Rethink~Reduce~Reuse~ Recycle~


If major corporations are left to self regulate or are in the pockets of politicians then they’re not held accountable for harms caused. Clear policy is essential to effectively take action on critical causes. It’s vital that we normalize letting our voices be heard and actively supporting policies that make a more sustainable and equitable pathway possible. 


Read~ Reach~ Respect~ 

Policies and processes that prioritize short-term profits over the longterm wellbeing of planet and people are just plain wrong. 

We hope to bring awareness to important environmental matters in a way that’s easy for people to digest and take action. 

It is said that we don’t inherit the land from our parents, we borrow it from our children.. Let’s live in a way that doesn’t diminish future generations ability to thrive

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of the known cancer fighting plants exist only in the rainforest
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of the world’s plants and animals are found in the rainforest
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deaths a year caused by air pollution

Protect and enhance environment for future generations.

Sustainable Air & Climate

We deserve clean air to breathe and a sustain-able future that is responsive to challenges by climate change.

Efficient Technology

Reducing energy use reduces energy costs and result in a financial cost saving to consumers.

Better Water Environment

Water is at the heart of adaptation to climate change, it is the link between the climate, human society.

Water quality standards

The surface water quality standards help protect, control and regulate the quality of fresh and marine waters.

Save Energy

Energy conservation are efforts made to reduce the consumption of energy by using less of an energy service.

Efficient Technology

Reducing energy use reduces energy costs and result in a financial cost saving to consumers.

Lindsay Thompson, Founder and CEO

Growing up in the landlocked midwest in a Missouri suburb only fueled my fascination of far away rainforests, deserts and oceans. The desire to preserve and protect natural landscapes started at a very young age but I was unsure how to turn this passion for responsible stewardship into a career.

Instead, I ended up getting my feet wet in marketing, media, and event organizing then motherhood

If I was going to let anything take time away from them then it had to be for something that I felt incredibly passionate about.. That and looking at your children I think almost all of us would want to create a future where they have the ability to thrive.

Thinking about the immense environmental issues we’re up against can feel overwhelming & daunting.. But realizing how much knowledge is power (and wanting to set an example for my girls) I decided to return to school at the University of Connecticut to obtain a degree in Environmental Studies and eventually even taking on a research assistant role there. As a school nationally classified and recognized for their high research activity, time spent there was  irreplaceable.  


My desire is to continuously learn all I can & to dedicate myself to sustainability and being an agent for meaningful change! Thank you for your interest in joining on that journey because it’s only possible together! 



Lindsay Thompson

istEco Founder and CEO


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