Having travel and art combined is somewhat intentional as they do go hand in hand, however, we believe they’re quite deserving of their own separate entities within our site and hope to expand more upon the travel portion as the world adapts to ongoing changes in the covid pandemic. Although opportunities for overseas and long-distance travel are somewhat constrained for the time being there are still opportunities to enjoy eco-tourism. Eco-tourism is synonymous with the outdoors and minimizing human impact so, when done properly, it can be quite conducive with many recommended guidelines. 

*Return here for regionally curated packages or email us now with your travel details/desire and we’ll use our expertise and resources to curate a package that suits your needs and budget.

In the meantime we hope to build a robust network for people to share/discuss/sell art highlighting areas pertaining to our natural environment and social justice.

If you have the opportunity to get out and enjoy any local art that you’d like to highlight then drop us an email with an image depicting the work, your name, the artists name, and general location. We’d love to see and share!!

Last modified: October 28, 2020

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